Otis Statham III

Otis is an Alternative Materials Specialist at Penn State World Campus Learning Design. In his current role, Otis advises Disability Specialists on the best applications for students with disabilities, and he procures or creates materials to make course content accessible, handling most of the content remediation for all World Campus students (as well as some University Park students).

Otis was born in Louisiana and came to State College in 1991 to help his wife get her education. She did and then some, getting bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Performance Violin, as well as a master’s and Ph.D. in Music Theory and History (Musicology) from CUNY Graduate Center in New York. In the process, he found his true purpose in life: taking care of the four people he helped create.

Otis has a passion for learning and has studied a wide range of subjects, including business, business law, fine art, philosophy, and even hardwood flooring. His degree is in Information Sciences and Technology. Otis loves to use his knowledge to help others. He has developed a passion for making good food, but especially Cajun cuisine.

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