Malena Moore Gittler Ph.D.

Senior Instructional Designer

Malena is a senior instructional designer with World Campus Learning Design and lead designer for the BSBIC program.

During her doctoral studies at Penn State, she worked with educators to help them transform learning experiences with technology through her affiliation with Pennsylvania’s Link-to-Learn initiative, Penn State’s College of IST Solutions Institute, and the Pennsylvania Faculty Academy.

Over the course of 10 years, Malena worked as a workplace learning and instructional design consultant to address training and learning needs of corporations, the federal government, and higher education institutions. Success with these varied audiences required that she be adept at utilizing alternative learning strategies. For example, she worked with a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company designing online courses and ancillary materials in compliance with their well-established global training model. She helped a regional water services company establish a foundation for a new training program that included face-to-face seminars, online learning modules, and hybrid learning experiences. She worked with Turner Construction, the U.S.’s largest “green contractor” to develop online courses for the Turner University LEED certification series. And most relevant to her current position, Malena worked as a contract instructional designer with Penn State’s World Campus. In this role, she worked with Penn State faculty to design and develop online courses that pair academic rigor with the flexibility of learning anywhere around the world in an asynchronous format.

Formerly, Malena worked as a sales specialist in both the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. She also holds an M.S. and Ph.D. in instructional systems from Penn State and a B.S. in business administration from Bucknell University.

When she’s not designing courses or taking her daughter to her endless activities, Malena works as a certified LesMills BodyPump® instructor and dreams of being a Nashville singing sensation.

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