Italian 1: Elementary Italian I

  • The Colosseum in Rome, Italy
  • Screen shot of the home page for the Italian I course.
  • Screen shot of a lesson page showing objectives and introducing your “tour” guide.
  • Screen shot of a lesson page depicting an example from the Italian phrasebook.
  • Screen shot from a lesson page showing an activity in a game interface format.

Project Description

IT 001 is one of a series of media-rich Italian courses (IT 001, IT 002, and IT 003; 4 credits each). The overall course design was based around a “15-day tour of Italy” concept in which students proceed, day by day, through a guided tour of Italy and learn the language along the way.

The approach was to develop an interface to convey the idea of a tour; develop a series of interactive multimedia assessments featuring image and audio components to allow students to practice and receive feedback on their language skills; include storytelling elements to provide context and as a means to convey some of the cultural notes of each region of Italy; and incorporate mobile learning tools.

Project Features

  • Interactive multimedia tools
  • Balance of storytelling, role-playing, gaming, and cultural notes
  • AGILE development process

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