Higher Education 560: Legal Issues in Higher Education and Student Affairs

  • Courthouse steps photograph.
  • Preview of a legal case presented in graphic-novel format.

Project Description

This course is an introduction to the legal standards arising in higher education, including institutional legal obligations, the rights and responsibilities of faculty, staff, and students, and the legal and regulatory roles of states and the federal government. This class is not about attempting to have students take on or perform the roles of attorneys. Instead, this class is geared towards helping students sharpen their professional skills and knowledge in multiple professional higher education settings in which legal considerations can play a role. A part of what students discover in this class is what lawyers and judges do, particularly in relation to “finding” and understanding the law (i.e., determining what specific legal standards apply to a particular situation or circumstance and the meaning of such legal standards).

Project Features

  • Edited legal cases with graphic icons
  • Socratic method, hot seat discussions
  • Graphic-novel style graphics
  • Integrated audio and video elements

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