Entrepreneurship 300: Principles of Entrepreneurship

  • Lit light bulb graphic.
  • Figure that details the business life cycle from the perspective of a technician and an entrepreneur.
  • Preview of a video interview with Steve Sheetz.
  • Preview of a mock employee termination video.
  • Preview of a video depicting an elevator pitch.

Project Description

ENTR 300: Principles of Entrepreneurship is designed to give students an opportunity to explore entrepreneurship—no matter what their background is. While some students may be new to the entrepreneurial career path and ready to examine their potential, others are already entrepreneurs looking to grow and expand their skills. The goal of the course is to turn prior experiences and course learning experiences into knowledge, to put that knowledge into practice, and to ultimately turn that practice into entrepreneurial discipline.

The course is designed to allow students to learn from experiences, which includes watching recorded interviews of successful entrepreneurs and engaging with entrepreneurs within their communities. The course is filled with opportunities to perform entrepreneurial investigations and reflections, create and evaluate entrepreneurial ideas, and participate in thoughtful, deep discussions with peers and entrepreneurs.

Project Features

  • Collaborative Media (WPSU) and Learning Design production of interview segments with successful entrepreneurs
  • Evaluating students in mock human-relations scenarios and elevator pitches
  • Entrepreneurial “in-residence” opportunities for one-on-one communication with successful entrepreneurs

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