Ryan Anderson


Ryan is a programmer/analyst for Penn State World Campus Learning Design. He moved to Pennsylvania in 2013 to start a fresh outlook in life, being a watered-down Southerner without the Texas accent.

Ryan has a very unique look on life and the relations between people. His desire to help others increase their potential has lead him in many different aspects of professional careers before getting more directly involved with education/programming. During his time in Arizona, he worked at Anthem Education/FCC as the senior software developer, and on the side handled being president of the Apollo Village Senior Community. With the increased stress of work and after-work positions in Arizona, he started pursuing relaxation interests in casual dancing and karaoke with fine dining. Ryan loves music and in the past enjoyed musical plays and operas, along with playing the violin and piano. Though those elements have faded, he currently enjoys just listening to a variety of his favorite styles such as folk, jazz, big band, blues, and bluegrass.

Ryan will be a special addition to the Penn State online division and brings creativity and fresh ideas to learning. Before software development, Ryan had several experiences in various businesses, working in roles such as architect designer, radio/tv producer, manager, and teacher. He plans to stay in the area permanently after learning how to handle the cold and small town life. He has a bachelor’s of science degree in Education with Computer Science and Mathematics; down the road, Ryan would also like to continue pursuing higher education in a master’s degree and a doctorate.

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