Canvas MasteryPaths

By John Butler , Bill Egan , Eleanor Lehman , Penny Ralston-Berg , Kate Twoey

The Wrist Assistant

By Linas Mockus , Alicia Swaggerty , Carmen Strand , Allie Martz , Wenyi Ho Ph.D., John Buckwalter , Damien Bilka , Jen Kach

The Value Proposition for Instructional Designers in Online Education


Cultivating Collaboration: A Review of Slack and Trello

By Bill Hartsock

Students’ Perceptions of Online Course Quality: How Do They Measure Up to the Research?

By P. Ralston-Berg, J. Buckenmeyer, C. Barczyk, & E. Hixon in Internet Learning

Best Practices for Writing Online Content: On Secondary Sources

By Damien Bilka , Jen Kach

Blogs and Learning

By Jessie Bourland

4 Ways We’re Making Online Courses Accessible to Students with Disabilities

By Sonya Woods

Universal Design for Learning: Penn State World Campus’s Approach to Course Design


Media Sharing and Learning

By Jessie Bourland

Learning Design Presentations

By Learning Design

Promoting Distance Learners’ Cognitive Engagement and Learning Outcomes

By K. P. Joo, Carmen Andres, Rick Shearer

Scalability and Distance Ed: What Main Campus Leaders Can Learn From Their Colleagues in the Cloud

By Rick Shearer

Deciding What Constitutes Good Curricular Fit for Virtual Reality and Game-Based Learning

By P. Ralston-Berg and M. Lara in "Game-Based Teaching and Simulation in Nursing and Health Care"

Innovation and the Public Procurement Process


Faculty Development for E-Learning: A Multi-Campus Community of Practice (COP) Approach

By J. Reilly, C. Vandenhouten, S. Gallagher-Lepak, and P. Ralston-Berg

Student Privacy and Online Distance Learning: What Safeguards Will Help Us Protect Our Students?


Theory to Practice in Instructional Design

By Rick Shearer in "Handbook of Distance Education"

The Wikification of Online Learning: Can Wikis Increase Students’ Perception of Social Presence?

By Wenyi Ho, Amanda Quinton, Juan Xia, Julie Lang, and Kristin Bittner

The Impact of Mobile Access on Motivation: Distance Education Student Perceptions

By L. Mockus, H. Dawson, S. Edel-Malizia, D. Shaffer, J. An, and A. Swaggerty

Higher Education’s Special Sauce is Dripping


Has Higher Education Lost Its Uniqueness?


MindMeld: Micro-Collaboration Between eLearning Designers and Instructor Experts

By Jon Aleckson and Penny Ralston-Berg

Transactional Distance and Dialogue: An Exploratory Study


The Identification of Competencies for Online Teaching Success

By P. Bigatel, L. Ragan, S. Kennan, J. May, and B. Redmond